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Ok, so you found your way here.  I'm wondering how...but we can get to that later.  So ok, now that you're here, perhaps you want to see something I do or have, maybe need some of my serrvices, maybe just trying to catch up or whatever else.  No matter, I'll keep adding to this thing as the mood strikes me, hopefully you won't have wasted your time.


Well, if you're here, you know me somehow.  But any site like this would have to have some information, right?

OK, well, I am a divorced father of three way cool kids.  I live in North Central Pennsylvania in a little town called Turbotville.  To say it's rural would be fairly accurate.  I share a house with my girlfriend Donna, that is over 100 years old.  It's pretty cool, actually.

I am a technical project and program manager by trade.  I've spent the last 26 years managing some of the best IT professionals I've had the privelege of knowing.  The last six years were with IBM.  That was truly a huge learning experience for me, but unfortunately I was laid off (known as a Resource Action) in mid July 2013.  So yes, I am now in search of my next career challenge.

In my spare time I work on web sites, fix and re-build personal computers for friends and family, hunt, fish, play golf and do my very best to keep the house up.  I'm an avid Steelers fan.

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Kids 2011 in Arizona

About this site

I love working on web sites.  I've been doing it since the early days of the internet and frankly haven't been doing them for some time.  So just recently I was prompted to go back and look at some of the CMS sites again, Joomla in particular, and see what they are doing with them now.

So, in learning it, decided that daveclifford.com should get a facelift and re-work.  So that's what you are seeing and why.

Honestly, it helps me learn and work with different formats and such everytime I open it.  So, if you see something that would be cool on a personal site like this, let me know about it.

I think this is also a good way to get others to notice what I do and am capable of creating to sell my services in web design and hosting.  Not to mention maybe prompt someone else into working on these kinds of sites as well.

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All the Clifford, Christmas 2011