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BuildTheTree.com is an idea I came up with after working on my family tree.  

In a nutshell, there is a server based system for building, maintaining and viewing your family tree called PHPGedView.  It's written in PHP and database driven.  And most important it can be accessed and worked on by anyone in the family.  Creating a family tree is a lot of work and when everyone gets involved the tree becomes more complete and in no time.

What I do is create the family site using the surname the requestor provides, build the database and grant admin access.  Then the owner takes it from there.  And al for a very low YEARLY price, I take care of the hosting, database backup and support.

The web site to advertise and sell this is still under construction, but if you are interested you can see a demo PHPHGedView site I created.  Try this link to have a look:  http://buildthetree.com/public/

To see the full site and work with the data, login as ADMIN and the password abc123

Once the selling site is complete, anyone can order their own family tree site.  For now, feel free to contact me if you have an interest.