Dave Clifford...

and my home on the web

Well, if you found your way here, then I'll assume you're a small business owner.  So, let me hit you with a few things.

First, I want to express my thanks for coming and having a look here.  As you may be able to tell, this is my small business and like you, I appreciate every customer and potential customer.  

Now, on to why we're here.

Small business owners are busy.  Way too busy running their business to deal with marketing and advertising.  And they certainly can't afford to hire one of those big firms to get to the masses.  So, money and time are preventing the small business owner from continuing their customer growth.

The fact is, most small business owners just need customers in the door.  They can handle that customer from there.  But, how do you get them in the door with only a little money to spend on ads, and no time to do it?

Well frankly, you call me.

footerfacebookiconI'm not a big advertising firm, but I have grasped the knowledge to use social media for marketing virtually any small business.  Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I can promote you.  I can promote a special sale for this week.  Or maybe an event.  Or possibly just a reminder that you're there.  Honestly, the sky's the limit.  

Those three social sites (and there are plenty more) are the key to targetted advertising and promotions of small businesses.  And the cost is low.  In some cases, free.  But it does have to be managed and closely monitered.  That's where I come in.

footertwittericonI will create ads and get them out to your targetted audience.  I can assist in monitering your Facebook page(s).  I can manage Twitter and Instagram accounts and be sure they are consistently and appropriately updated.  In short, I can get you into the social marketing that your business needs to grow.  And I can do it for less than you might think.

instagramLike I said, this is my small business.  And I am a one man show.  What I do takes time and knowledge of internet marketing and campaign strategies.  Two things you probably don't have.  But the key here is also to keep costs down and profits up.   So that's how we partner up.  And because it's my small business and only me, I can keep my costs down for you as well.

Each small business is different.  Each has it's own needs where marketing is concerned.  Each also has it's own financial budget.  All of that has to be considered when we realize your goals.

So that's my story.  I want to help you build and sustain your business.  Let's use all the tools we can!

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